Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love and Gratitude Are Always Available

Except for New Year's last year, this is my first holiday without my son.  My heart is heavy when I think of a couple of different family issues going on, but I am still so very grateful for many things.

This moment, I just got a phone call from my boy!  You should have seen my smile when I heard my phone going off because I just knew it would be him.

I know that he will have a good time visiting that side of the family.  I love when he can be around family, even if it's not with me.  

I am also grateful for the show, Long Island Medium.  You know that satisfying moment when you are DONE cleaning the house?  I sat down yesterday after cleaning and watched an episode of Theresa Caputo talking to the dead.  I realized the error in feeling alone.  People often struggle with loss, grief, and sudden changes and feel that they are alone.  But, we are never alone.  I am not the type to be freaked out by that.  All around us, in the spaces we move in, is love and guidance that we do not see.  

I am grateful for my home - that I have it, that I pay for it, that I cleaned it all yesterday.  It has a chance to stay clean for a few days at least.  Feels good.  

Finally, I will be introduced to a new family at Thanksgiving.  I will host the meal at my house, so I will have visitors at my mercy when I get a little crazy in the kitchen with my wine.  I may sing and scare people off.  We will have to see.  

My focus for now is to remember what I am grateful for and all that I have.  I'm happy and hopeful for the future and have a lot of love in my life even when I'm missing others.  

Cheers to you all for a beautiful Thanksgiving! 


  1. Hey beautiful I'm so sorry I'm not gonna be able to be there for thanksgiving. I'm glad for the chance to get to know you over the last year.

  2. Lots of love and hugs to you, Kristy. The first picture looked like me when you called today. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have been so very blessed....and more to come! Love, Mom

  3. I sense some hopefulness in this post and am glad that I do. Chin up my girl ;-)
    I hope you had a love;y Thanksgiving, that all went well and that your boy is home with you now :-)

    Oh.... and I like your way of house cleaning. Sorta matches mine!!

    xx Jazzy

  4. Did this just eat my message? I remember the first time I was alone for the holidays and it was tough, but it sounds as if you have a good attitude about a terrible situation. Blessings.