Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love and Gratitude Are Always Available

Except for New Year's last year, this is my first holiday without my son.  My heart is heavy when I think of a couple of different family issues going on, but I am still so very grateful for many things.

This moment, I just got a phone call from my boy!  You should have seen my smile when I heard my phone going off because I just knew it would be him.

I know that he will have a good time visiting that side of the family.  I love when he can be around family, even if it's not with me.  

I am also grateful for the show, Long Island Medium.  You know that satisfying moment when you are DONE cleaning the house?  I sat down yesterday after cleaning and watched an episode of Theresa Caputo talking to the dead.  I realized the error in feeling alone.  People often struggle with loss, grief, and sudden changes and feel that they are alone.  But, we are never alone.  I am not the type to be freaked out by that.  All around us, in the spaces we move in, is love and guidance that we do not see.  

I am grateful for my home - that I have it, that I pay for it, that I cleaned it all yesterday.  It has a chance to stay clean for a few days at least.  Feels good.  

Finally, I will be introduced to a new family at Thanksgiving.  I will host the meal at my house, so I will have visitors at my mercy when I get a little crazy in the kitchen with my wine.  I may sing and scare people off.  We will have to see.  

My focus for now is to remember what I am grateful for and all that I have.  I'm happy and hopeful for the future and have a lot of love in my life even when I'm missing others.  

Cheers to you all for a beautiful Thanksgiving!