Sunday, September 1, 2013

Defined Lines (We Ain't a Good Girl)

I am obsessed with a song today.  This happens sometimes.  It can be a crap shoot sometimes what I'm temporarily obsessed with.  My choices are dicey.  My family and friends also shudder when I announce a movie suggestion.  It can be either really good or really suck awful.

But, this song.  This song is really catchy.  It entertains me over and over.  So much that I will announce it to the Love and Blasphemy world.

It is a little odd that I like this song so much.  I enjoy a sexy, dominant male, even in a feminist world.  (Or, is it a feminist world?  Has it only been attempted?)  I also love being female.  I find it fun.

So, you should watch it.

I will probably post this blog, watch my own video, and watch it again.  Makes me happy to think that maybe one of you will also watch it more than once.


Hours later - an update!!

The original You Tube video of this video was taken off You Tube for "violating the terms of policy," and upon further investigation, this was because it was too "sexually explicit."

I find this very interesting because the original Robin Thicke Blurred Lines video is still on You Tube, naked girls and all.  And goat.  Cause, you know, sluts hold goats.

WTF, You Tube?

So, these girlies are university types in New Zealand.  They put this "feminine parody" up on Friday night, and it's going viral.

Anyways, lucky it's a free of speech type of country.  Here's the link:

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines [Feminist Parody] "Defined Lines" from Law Revue on Vimeo.


  1. It was a political move. If they had set it as "age-restricted" it would not have been removed. Or would have been posted as "Violates copyright..."

  2. I agree - it's definitely catchy! That being said, it's everywhere, too! It's certainly taken the world by storm!

    1. I'd much rather watch this video than watch Miley Cyrus perform!

  3. It's so weird what they take off YouTube. And what they leave on.

  4. I LOVE the original version of this song and it is always in my head! My son hates it & turns off the car radio when it comes on. He'd find this version hilarious... pity he'll never see it!!

    I liked it, love how they 'feminised' it!! I made sure to close the doors in case the neighbours heard..

    xx Jazzy

    1. I like the original version too! Little contradictory, but that's how I am!

  5. Too funny. Can I say I liked the guys prancing around in their underwear? I don't get much action these day :) Just sayin'

    1. That is the exact reason to enjoy this video!! :)